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The Doon mantra: Take risks, pick opportunities, make mistakes, learn, deliver.

Want to be a part of the team with individuals who are passionate about their work and the brands they represent? A team that thrives on whole lot of excitement and energy; energy that reverberates across our diverse teams and the clients we serve?

Sounds interesting? Read further to know more about the Team Doon and unveil a world full of opportunities.

Doon team is a results – driven organization that invests heavily in the best people and we strongly believe that it's only our people who set us apart from the competition. We have diligently learnt to think like our customers and maintain our focus of end result at all times. We are very proud of what we stand for and what we give our clients as the end product.

There are some essential tenets that we drive ourselves with –

Passion: We are passionate about what we do let it be the zeal to innovate or find better ways to surprise our customers with exceptional services, we are always excited to do something new.

Choice and freedom: We believe that ideas incubate on the soil of choice and freedom. At Doon, you choose your own career path rather than we imposing goals on you.

Fun: Life should be fun and work is no exception. We believe that happy people make happy companies. Regular fun activities and social gatherings help our teams maintain their cohesive bond and boost employee morale.

If you believe that anything is achievable; success is achievable, go ahead and apply for relevant opportunities below.

Current Opportunities:

We have the following opportunities for you:

A) We are looking to add Business Development Executives to our Team.

Here are some pre-requisites before one may apply.

1) IT Background by Training and Experience.

2) Calling Experience in a B2B Environment.

3) Excellent Verbal and Written Skills

B) Doon is looking to add Project Managers to its Team.These are mostly Execution Based Positions.

So, need the candidate to have the following qualifications:

1) Integrity, Commitment and a History to Deliver Tele-Calling Based Projects in Time

2) IT Background by Training and Experience

3) Team Management and Client Interaction Experience

4) Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills Interested candidates may send their resumes

We are looking for people with the following backgrounds –

1) Business Development Executives

We are looking for Individuals with exceptional communication skills as well as a strong background in Technology.

2) Team/Project Leads/ Project Managers

We are looking for individuals who have managed processes or teams in a BPO or Inside Sales environment.

3) Database Executive

We are looking for individual who has exceptional knowledge of MS Excel and can manage database.

4) QA Manager

We are looking for individual who has exceptional knowledge of QC and Six sigma.

Interested, but can't find a suitable career posting? No worries, we are continuously looking for passionate people to help us deliver high quality results. Just drop by and we can discuss how we can start building the future together.

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Let's connect to boost your sales.

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