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"We help your sales and marketing teams achieve more, much more…"

Sales and marketing initiatives are the cornerstone for success of any business. While organizations continue to invest significantly in developing the sales eco-system, the ever changing environmental factors coupled with today's complex selling world expects marketers to roll out smart sales plans quickly and be armed with up-to-date sales domain knowledge making it challenging for them to work in isolation and depend on in-house knowledge.

The ability to target a defined set of audience with the ability to measure the return on investment in near real time makes it even more difficult for the companies to keep up with the changing landscape. To compete more aggressively and remain profitable at the same time, organization today need a strategic partner that not only understands their business well, but also their way of doing it.

Doon with its' unique blend of skills, consistent adherence to quality, and broad domain expertise can help clients bridge the gap between their strategy and execution by optimizing their sales and marketing functions and also enabling them to be agile enough to adapt to rapidly changing business needs.


Doon Consulting is a high-end sales and marketing consultancy that serves as a strategic catalyst in the adaption of emerging best practices and innovative go-to-market strategies that help our clients achieve their numbers.

Doon's core competencies include the whole gamut of sales and marketing cycle process covering customer profiling, lead generation, sales training and evangelism, customer facing sales support plus marketing content creation for sales and marketing events and conferences.

Doon consulting can help you:

  • Develop and optimize sales and marketing strategy
  • Lead identification/generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Tele sales and sales personnel training
  • Competition analysis
  • Content Marketing Services
  • Event Marketing
  • Gain Market recognition

Since our inception in 2004, we have valued our commitments to customers, employees, and vendors that has enabled our sustainable growth through the years. Going from a rented apartment to world class space, keeping very low turnover rates for both employees and customers, building a strong management team, making a profit every year since founding has only been possible because of an unflinching dedication to quality, to keeping our promises and to putting our clients' success first.


Doon's value proposition is grounded in a unique combination Experience, Quality, and Domain Expertise that converge in timely services for the roll out and adaption of new sales and marketing strategies. We have the experience, knowledge and skill sets to work with client's direct sales teams, channel teams and marketing teams with a clean vision – to improve the top line and the scalability of client's sales organization by applying 'The right perspective with the right approach'

At Doon consulting, we strongly believe that for any sales and marketing campaign to become successful, we first need to thoroughly understand the client's business drivers which will give enough insight into what is actually needed from the campaign.

Once exact perspective is in place, our agile team with new generation of marketing tools and practices helps clients to develop, execute, and measure sales and marketing initiatives across the channels to optimized the way sales cycle works.

Let's connect to boost your sales.


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