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Deliver a lead generation program with integrated sales channel effectiveness solution that identifies eligible prospects that are ready to procure different networking products as a part of their expansion or up gradation plans. Thereafter, provide a structured way to improve coordination among various sales and marketing teams and implement customer feedback loops for greater profitability and increased customer loyalty and engagement.


The client organization, a network products/solutions provider is losing its sales momentum lately with sales figures dropping every quarter and customer retention figures hitting all time low. With unqualified leads feeding the sales pipeline the opportunities were just not driving to sales closure. In addition, the sales management team is also unable to measure, track, achieve and sustain the results of their business development efforts and finding it difficult to analyze key factors that drive sales and understand why users drop-off within the sales journey. The customer attrition was increasing and the feedback loop was just missing which made it impossible to perform root cause analysis of the issues.


Building on a long and successful relationship with the client, Doon consulting started with identifying qualified lead for the client's sales team and offered full marketing and channel sales support to drive the identified opportunities towards closure. The strategic support continued post sales improving the effectiveness of their sales investments and interactions with customers. This included follow up callouts wherein the prospects were contacted to understand if they have procured the products or not which helps driving efficiency in all channels.

Following steps were followed in solution implementation:

Step 1: Identification of a database of companies that had the propensity to buy networking products and solutions.

Step 2: Desk based research to enhance the company information with the appropriate contacts / decision-makers.

Step 3: Outbound tele-calling to network around the target companies to identify the requirement and understand if it is expansion plan or hardware refresh activity

Step 4: BANT qualify all opportunities

Step 5: Quality check for all BANT qualified opportunities before they were passed to the Sales Team

Step 6: Lead management and tracking mechanism to ensure that the leads were accepted by respective sales team .This included adequate follow up in the form of EDM's, white papers, webinars etc.

Step 7: Post receiving the feedback from sales team, call the prospect to understand if they are happy with services and quotations received and when exactly are they going to procure.


Benefits of the solution include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction with higher customer retention rate
  • Lower percentage of sales lost
  • Considerable decrease in sell cycle times
  • Higher response rates of campaigns
  • Improved forecasting capabilities
  • Ability to develop better sales goals

Some figures to look at:

  • Total accounts profiled: 350
  • Total leads generated: 350
  • Average value per lead: $3,979
  • Total value delivered: $1,392,339
  • Team generated 350 leads in 3 months.

Database Break-Up:

No. of Employees No. of Leads
201-500 98
500-1000 110
1000+ 142
Total 350
Let's connect to boost your sales.

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