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Deliver a lead generation and qualification solution that identifies eligible prospects that are interested in improving their IT costs and agility by effectively leveraging archiving, backup, e-discovery and compliance solutions that help them innovate with information to make a difference in the world.


TThe client organization, an IT solutions provider was finding it difficult to build sustained prospect relationships and thereby struggling with the ripening of sales opportunities. This was paralyzing the entire sales process with wasted sales time in following up leads that had very low conversion ratio and resulting in low sales team morale. The client was looking for a sales and marketing process enabler that can help them regain control on their sales funnel and feed their sales engine continuously with qualified leads. The client sales team was particularly keen in identifying the requirements wherein prospect is ready to procure their solutions within 0-3 months.


To overcome these challenges the client partnered with Doon consulting with a view to revamp their sales process and bring value to sales efforts. Doon started with investigating various data sources that can be used to generate enough leads to feed the sales pipeline.

Once there were enough leads identified to keep the sales team busy, the next phase started with carefully analyzing the sales pipeline to investigate where prospects are falling off from the funnel. Doon helped the client establish a BANT lead qualification framework that helped them choose the best opportunities from within the identified list. The qualification process helped the sales team to focus their sales efforts on the leads that are going to bring in sales now and effectively achieve their targets easily while remaining within budgets.

Following steps were followed in solution implementation:

Step 1: Identification of a database of companies that had the propensity to buy client's products and solutions stack.

Step 2: Desk based research to enhance the company information with the appropriate contacts/decision-makers.

Step 3: Outbound tele-calling to network around the target companies to identify the requirement and understand if they are facing any advanced security challenge and are ready to evaluate the solution from our client.

Step 4: BANT qualify all opportunities before they were passed to respective sales team.


Benefits of the solution include:

  • Conversion rate of marketing/sales campaigns
  • More sales per employee
  • Lower average customer acquisitions costs
  • Decreased time to close sales opportunities
  • Higher sales morale

Some figures to look at:

  • Total accounts profiled : 450
  • Total leads generated : 100
  • Average value per lead : $2,500
  • Total value delivered : $2,50,000
  • Team generated 120 leads in a months' time.

Database Break-Up:

No. of Employees No. of Leads
201-500 38
500-1000 39
1000+ 23
Total 100
Let's connect to boost your sales.

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