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Deliver a lead generation and qualification solution that identifies eligible prospects that are interested in intelligence driven security solutions.


The client organization, an intelligence driven security solutions provider needed a streamlined process for lead generation and qualification that helps in identifying the requirements wherein prospect is ready to procure their solutions within 0-3 month.


Doon consulting implemented a two phased solution with first phase focusing on lead generation and second phase focusing on qualification of leads identified in the first phase.

The lead generation phase involved identifying the correct lead lists and updating all communication channels for those leads to come up with a defined set of sales leads for the client's sales team.

The lead qualification solution delivered a strict lead qualification criteria and scoring parameters to help the client evaluate hot, warm, and cold leads. This evaluation helped the client's sales team to better identify the target organizations having a requirement of intelligence driven security solutions for managing organizational risk and defending against advanced threats.

Following steps were followed in solution implementation:

Step 1: Identification of a database of companies that had the propensity to buy client's products and solutions stack.

Step 2: Desk based research to enhance the company information with the appropriate contacts/decision-makers.

Step 3: Outbound tele-calling to network around the target companies to identify the requirement and understand if they are facing any advanced security challenge and are ready to evaluate the solution from our client.

Step 4: BANT qualify all opportunities before they were passed to respective sales team.


Benefits of the solution include:

  • Lower cost per inquiry
  • Reduced time spent on following dead prospects
  • Focused sales efforts
  • Easily achieve sales targets consistently while remaining within budget

Some figures to look at:

  • Total accounts profiled: 450
  • Total leads generated: 180*
  • Average value per lead: $25,000
  • Total value delivered: $45,00,000
  • Team generated 180 leads in a quarter i.e. 60 per month.

Database Break-Up:

No. of Employees No. of Leads
201-500 20
500-1000 74
1000+ 86
Total 180
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