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Deliver a lead qualification solution with tele-sales support that first identifies potential customers from opportunities, then support the client's sales team to close the deal.


The client organization, a multi technology company mainly in the business of selling products like Desktop, Laptop, Notebooks, Printers, Servers, and Storage etc. needed an effective lead qualification strategy and required to improve their sales efficiency. To achieve their targets, they knew they needed sales support and advisory services that can revamp their entire sales process and deliver results quickly.


Doon consulting implemented a lead qualification solution to help client identify the best leads that perfectly fit their ideal customer profile to help the sales team identify the target organizations having requirements of their product portfolio within 1-2 months' time period. After identifying and narrowing down on prospects, Doon helped the client in nurturing the leads further with the help of marketing techniques and tele-sales support to finally drive the deals to closure.

Considering the PAN India nature of the project that involved targeting all the major prospects across India, local factors and cultural boundaries have to be taken into account while laying out the lead qualification and tele-sales strategy.

Following steps were followed in solution implementation:

Step 1: Identification of a database of companies that had the propensity to buy client's products and solutions stack.

Step 2: Desk based research to enhance the company information with the appropriate contacts / decision-makers.

Step 3: Outbound tele-calling to network around the target companies to identify the requirement and understand if it is expansion plan or hardware refresh activity

Step 4: Quality check process for all BANT qualified opportunities

Step 5: Alignment of all quality checked leads to the partners.

Step 6: Lead management, tracking and feedback capturing is followed to ensure that the leads were accepted and closed by the Partners.

Step 7: Nurturing mechanism includes adequate follow up in the form of EDM's, white papers, webinars etc. till such time they are not ready to evaluate the solution.


Benefits of the solution include:

  • Focused sales efforts
  • Decreased legwork and increased profitability
  • Productive sales reps
  • Better customer relationship

Some figures to look at:

  • Total leads aligned to partners : 990
  • Total leads converted to closure : 404
  • Average value of closed lead : $14,852
  • Total value of closed opportunities : $60,00,000
  • Team generated 990 leads in 3 months' time

Database Break-Up:

Months No. of Leads
June 323
July 340
August 327
Total 990
Let's connect to boost your sales.

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