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Deliver a lead cleansing solution that identifies incorrect and inaccurate data in the lead data list and update data to provide up-to-date and quality leads information.


The client organization has accumulated leads data through years of marketing efforts but was finding it difficult to keep the database updated with the latest lead information and maintain data sanity at the same time. Unorganized and unqualified data was making it extremely difficult to identify and integrate sales efforts across the organization.


Doon consulting implemented a data cleansing solution to alleviate customer's pain points. The project started with examining the data available in the existing data sources for verifying data sanity. Furthermore, Doon team started collecting up-to-date information about the data, filling in the missing items. Performing data refresh and data update activities on the dataset enabled Doon to deliver a lead database that is not only accurate but also easy to index that allows for faster and more accurate searches.

Following steps were followed in solution implementation:

Step 1: Identification of the database of companies that needs to be profiled.

Step 2: Desk based research to enhance the company's information with the appropriate contacts/decision-makers.

Step 3: Outbound tele-calling to validate and update the database and gather missing information

Step 4: 100% QA of the information gathered.


Within a span of three months, Doon's team succeeded in delivering a lead database that provides the client with the latest up-to-date and qualified leads' information at the fingertips of their sales team. The sanitized data enables the sales team to focus their energy on high quality leads and achieve their targets consistently.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • Easier, faster records searching
  • Better sales team coordination
  • Increased sales team efficiency
  • Systematized prospect follow up

Some figures to look at:

  • Total accounts to be profiled : 9000
  • Total accounts profiled : 120
  • Accounts profiled per day/ person : 20-25
  • Total value delivered : NA
  • Team finished this activity in a 3 months' time

Database Break-Up:

No. of Employees No. of Leads
Midmarket Accounts 3800
Small & Medium Business Accounts 3200
Enterprise Accounts 2000
Total 9000
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