Information about WHO to reach and WHERE to contact them is a major pre-requisite for the success of any marketing campaign. This information needs to be current, accurate and up to date to ensure maximum results from any given program.

Doon understands that and invests significantly in the continuous improvement of a comprehensive and an extensive database. In addition to leveraging on our current database, our clients are able to utilize this Line of Service in the following manner:

  • a)  Database Build Exercise
  • b)  Profiling/Scoping Companies
  • c)  Database Refresh and Maintenance
  • d)  Proprietary Database Rental and Usage


With an assumption that you have identified the right Target Audience, the right Decision Maker, the right Influencer and the right Stake Holder - it is important that you gain face time with them.

This face time or meeting is invaluable to all sales people. Our data shows that over 60% of meetings that were tracked have turned into business for our clients. We also found that over 50% of these prospects give industry referrals so the chain continues and further provides impetus to your sales pipeline. We can set you introductory meetings, qualified meetings, meeting with one Decision Maker or multiple Decision Makers within the same company. This depends entirely on what you are selling and the target audience that you wish to acquire.

This is one of our most valued services today - especially for sales teams that work closely with Fortune 1000 Accounts.


We have the highest acceptance ratio of leads in the marketplace today. In this era of multiple methodologies of generating leads - we continue to give best results on 100% of our lead generation programs.

All of our programs are run in-house to ensure highest quality of delivery. Over 80% of all of leads are accepted by the sales teams and become part of their sales pipeline.

Whether you require us to generate leads for products like - Desktops, Servers, Networking Solutions, Unified Communication, and Surveillance to high dollar value solutions like Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management, and Business Intelligence Solutions etc. - we have the skills, technology and experience to deliver.

Our typical ramp up time is about 48 hours.

Doon started its business in March 2004 with Lead Generation as its sole service. Since this is our oldest service - we have spent a lot of time going down the experience curve, and consequently, our clients keep coming back to us for more quality leads.


We can help organizations take the lead generation process a step further. We can facilitate sales. The Doon team is trained to turn an inquiry into a lead, a lead into an opportunity and the skill to work with your sales teams to close a sale.

Whether this is nursing a warm lead or actually closing over the phone and getting an order is up to your needs.


  • a)  Where is your competition getting their business?
  • b)  What is your competition doing in the market that you are not?
  • c)  What is the price that they are quoting prospects?
  • d)  Why are they winning deals against you?
  • d)  Why are they losing deals against you?
      We can work with you to find answers to these questions and more.


  • a)  How effective is your sales and channels team in the marketplace?
  • b)  Are they following up on leads that your marketing teams are generating?
  • c)  Are they being short sighted or are they also planning for the up-coming quarters?
  • d)  What does the prospect /client think about your sales force?
  • d)  The industry data says that about 90% of all leads generated are not adequately followed up on today. Do you suspect that it is true for your business too?


This service is designed to ensure that your customer events get the ROI it deserves. Using teams trained to deliver your message accurately, effectively and in a manner befitting your brand and status. We can make your events a success. It is our unswerving focus on quality, and our experience with the entire range of high-value products and services that make us uniquely qualified to act as an extension to your sales and marketing teams.